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If you love the oceans as much as we do and would like to participate in their conservation, you will love being a part of our team of writers. We offer you the opportunity to spread the word about the best practices you know and the organizations and networks that have excellent ocean management policies.

What it Takes

For those of you considering taking this lovely opportunity, you might be wondering what it takes to be welcomed into our team. The first thing you have to be good at is writing in English, but we pay no attention to your nationality.

Then you also need to be as interested as we are in raising awareness on the best practices for ocean management.

The interface that we work with is easy and light, which means that any computer you have will be good to write and upload your articles with. We do require that you have spelling and grammar aids, to avoid uploading articles with obvious errors.

Additional Advantages

We are a serious magazine and, as such, we are invited for free to certain ocean management-related summits and conferences. If you become part of our team, you too can join us in attending these events that take place online and in person.

How to Get Started

Once you have decided you want to write for us, send us an email expressing your will to join our team. One of us will get back to you in no time, with the instructions to send us a small preview text where we can see exactly where you are at, in terms of mindset and skills. Then it is only a matter of walking you through the finer details.

Beware, you will not be required to send us your bank account information, nor anything of the sort. Please discard emails asking you for these.