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OMRN National Conference 2009

Canada's Oceans: Research, Management and the Human Dimension

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The OMRN 2009 National Conference emphasizes the importance of attracting and involving students in its activities, reflecting not only a desire to include the strong research outputs produced by the students, but also the reality that the future of Canada's ocean research and ocean management will depend on those students.

The support of students, including their travel funding to the National Conference, is an important element of the OMRN's Mentoring and Capacity Building Program. There are a number of ways students participated in the 2009 OMRN conference, including acting as a rapportuer, submitting an abstract for the conference sessions, or entering one of the student competitions.



~ 2009 Post-Conference Announcements ~


2009 Student Rapporteurs included:

Donna Curtis, University of New Brunswick

Nadine Heck, University of Victoria

Courtenay Parlee, University of New Brunswick

Ian Ivany, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Liz Wilson, Dalhousie University

Abdullah-Al Mamun, Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy

Rachel Sachs, University of Calgary

Eric Pederson, McGill University


Student Competition Awards:


Student Paper Competition

First Place:Transformation in Coastal Livelihoods in Tam Giang Lagoon, Vietnam, by Huong Ta, University of Manitoba.


Student Poster Competition

First Place: What is shared? Gitga’at community perspectives on ecologically supported cultural tourism development in Hartley Bay, British Columbia, by Katherine Turner, University of Manitoba.

2nd Place: Stewardship: A Key Concept for the Environment, by Ian Ivany, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Honorable Mention:Working towards governance and co-management systems that integrate Traditional Owner aspirations for caring for land and sea country: A case study from Australia, by Melanie Zurba, University of Manitoba.


Student Photo Competition

First Place: Futility (Louisbourg, NS, 21 August 2009)., by Courtenay Parlee, University of New Brunswick.



~ Thank you to all of this years student participants for all of your hard work! ~