What’s Ocean Management and How is it Implemented?

As the need for sustainable policies and approaches to developing ways to obtain the resources we need becomes more evident, ocean management strategies arise. Implementing measures that allow governments and private industries alike to keep exploiting ocean resources in a better way, is a growing trend now.

The Oceans – Resource Giants

featured images Whats Ocean Management and How is it Implemented The Oceans Resource Giants - What's Ocean Management and How is it Implemented?

A vast amount of people depends on resources that are in and from the oceans, with about 90% of the trade being done through the oceans, and the fishing industry is huge. Millions of employment posts and the livelihood of 3 billion people depend on the resource giants that are the oceans.

However, this has resulted in unsustainable processes to be carried out, to fulfill the needs of all users that depend on the oceanic resources to any extent. And this is where ocean management becomes needed, as it focuses on balancing the protection of the oceans with meeting the demands of the world’s population.

Implementing Ocean Management

featured images Whats Ocean Management and How is it Implemented Implementing Ocean Management - What's Ocean Management and How is it Implemented?

Many countries nowadays are setting valuable examples of how to implement efficient ocean management measures. Take Norway, for example, a thriving country that regulates the major economic sectors individually but has realized that all environment-related activities fit together.

This meant that the country was able to use the joint efforts of different institutes belonging to a variety of sectors, to come up with the best plans for ocean management. The resulting processes can be monitored regularly and comprehensively through scientific means and perspectives.

Another great example of the implementation of effective ocean management measures has to be China because of what they have done at Xiamen, a small port city. Dating as far back as 1994, they have implemented a system that has put together a group of officials and experts to work together in ocean management areas.

They oversee the aquaculture, science and technology, transportation, and construction of the coastal area. The result has been an increase in both the ocean’s health and Xiamen’s economy.

Although these are impressive efforts, perhaps the most outstanding display of integration between ocean management and community protection is set in the Coral Triangle. This region includes 6 small coastal nations and they have all implemented strategies that integrate the social and cultural aspects with the environmental one.

In one single blow, these nations have found a way to tackle food security issues, reducing their negative impact on climate change, and protect their marine biodiversity.

Ocean management is a crucial part of becoming sustainable and prosperous, as has been proven by the nations that have taken steps towards efficient strategies in this regard. They are all examples that the world needs to look to, for reassurance that these efforts are worth it, and be encouraged to emulate them shortly.