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Robin Rigby Trust - Call for Proposals 2012

Patricia Robin Rigby (Feb 28, 1977 - Dec 9, 2007) had the opportunity to live and study in a variety of cultures and geographical areas. Her research and professional work benefited greatly from this international experience, which enabled her to appreciate the need to adopt alternative resource use strategies within varied local frameworks. Established by Robin’s parents, Doug and Mary Rigby, the primary function of the Robin Rigby Trust is to extend the benefits Robin had to other young people involved in the identification, sustainable use and conservation of shoreline and nearshore natural resources. The Trust represents an opportunity to implement the kind of research and development work Robin loved.

Proposals are invited from qualified individuals to undertake collaborative research projects that focus on understanding and implementing aspects of sustainable development in coastal areas. Specifically, the Robin Rigby Trust provides support to (1) Canadians travelling overseas, and (2) non-Canadians travelling to Atlantic Canada, in both cases to undertake coastal research that involves collaboration with appropriate coastal communities, coastal research organizations, and/or coastal-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Trust supports suitable partnerships, by funding small-scale "do-able" projects developed in response to local research needs, and relating to conservation and sustainable development of coastal areas. Projects should aim to achieve one or more of: (a) better understanding coastal ecosystems and the value of their biodiversity and conservation, (b) effectively addressing coastal environmental and resource management problems, (c) developing coastal areas responsibly, and/or (d) improving the livelihoods of those living along the coast.

Please see attached document for outline of projects, proposals and deadlines.

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