About Us

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At Ocean Management Research Network, you can read all about those organizations and networks that make an effort to promote best practices of ocean management.

Our Founder

Tire builder Pedro Maynor has a passion for all things sustainable and the different alternatives that arise every day to help preserve the environment. The oceans are close to his heart and he has been striving to find ways in which any individual can help keep it clean.

Our Magazine’s Birth

After discussing several different resources that he and anyone could get information from, he had the idea to create a friendly platform to teach everybody about the subject. He approached us during an activism rally and asked us to be a part of this project, to help raise awareness on ocean management and the people that are working on it.

We met the next day for lunch and discussed the precise topics and look we wanted the magazine to have, brainstormed for a name, and even picked the host we wanted to use.

The Target

With this magazine, we are constantly aiming at increasing the number of people who are aware that they too can make a change in ocean management. We want to become promoters ourselves, of all the best practices that every business and government can apply to take care of our oceans.

Ocean Management Research Network has become a valuable resource that environmentalists and all readers can come to when they wish to stay updated and learn. Every article we upload is filled with accurate information from trusted sources and it is a gem of knowledge that you will be able to appreciate and put into action.